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Christmas in Toronto




3D Artist




Interactive experience and wayfinding design for Porsche SCOPES Seoul, a four-day-long festival celebrating local pioneers within art, design, music, tech and social. 

Social media marketing and promotion design for COQCOG, an experience design studio that reimagines the way people interact with the world.


Within the 2 days of launching the interactive AR experience, the mobile 3D map was used by more than 399 people with an average session of near 7 mins; the AR experiences reached more than 14k Instagram users.

3D motion graphic used as transition animation between performances.

3D scan of the SCOPES Seoul themed art project used for social media marketing and sharing.

Audio-reactive visual used for live DJ performance.

Render 360 image of the real-scaled 1st floor venue later achieved immersive AR experience with SparkAR for Instagram.

Behind The Scene

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