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3D Marketing Experience Design

Branding/Interior Design/3D/AR

2023.11 - Present


3D Artist



Design Process

Onboarding Meeting -> Research -> 3D Blocking -> 2D Floor Plan -> Low Fidelity Design -> 3D Product Modeling/Texturing -> High Fidelity Design -> Beauty Renders -> Product Shots -> Final Render -> Other Additional Requirements

Homepage for Golf Online Retail Store

Target Audience

Professionals: High-quality, durable products are crucial for this group. They'll
need accessories that can withstand frequent use.

Enthusiasts/Hobbyists: While quality is essential, they might also be looking for
products that offer good value for money. They likely play golf regularly but not as
intensely as professionals.

Beginners: They might be looking for affordable starter kits or bundles. They'll also
be keen on learning material and guidance.

Rendered 360 Image for Instagram AR Effect

Screen recording of fully immersive AR experience

Made in SparkAR for Instagram sharing

Web Homepage for Influencer - sommerray

Product Categories:
Beauty Products, Clothing, Fitness Gear, DJ

Room Design Requirements:
Energetic and Youthful Aesthetic / Functional Zones

Brand Integration:
Highlighting Collaborations / Promotional Content

Web Homepage for Influencer - Mikayla Jane


Makeup Beauty Influencer

Target Audience:
Aimed at 11-30, mostly female

Beauty Products / Clothing / Accessories / Amazon Boxes / Social Media Services

Web Homepage for Influencer - Dr.Disrespect


Gaming Influencer and Streamer

A streaming room for a high tier influencer to give their audience a glimpse into their room but also highlight specific products within their merch or brand partnerships.

Target Audience:
Male 15-45

Collaborations / 
Promotional Content


Energetic and Youthful

Mobile Web Homepage for Bose

Bose Products


Chill and Relaxing

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