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*Interactive audio-visualization experiments, best experience comes with audio. Click the icon located at the right lower corner of the video to turn on the audio. 

A sound produced by the vibration of the air;

Visualization of the sound produced by the flow of liquid;

The vibration of the air, which cannot be observed in human visual language, appears in front of the eyes as a liquid translation;

The sound of airflow and the starting point of fundamental physical rules. A virtual electronic world, such as the speed of light that we cannot reach.

If some of the basic rules can be designed, if the world is allowed to grow freely, wouldn't that dimension surely be full of colorful and pleasant chaos like our present reality.

Through this project, I was trying to convey contemplative concepts through biological attempts to replicate nature using the power of new technologies and binary code. The computer enters the flow of water and sound, aiming to mathematically reproduce natural phenomena through a binary method that involves continuous modification and generative noise as the starting point.

Digital prints for Art and Life Auction Event at Spence Gallery hosted by Nonprofit Organization AACT.

Behind the Scenes


First attempt

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