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Graphic Designs

Concept Poster Design: Voice User Interface

Sound recognition is a process that let users to use voice to control computers and devices. The focus is more on the process of translating human voice inputs into commands that a machine can understand.

The process of translating human languages to machine commands, from machine's perspective, words are meaningless. Sound recognition is actually organizing meaningless information into something meaningful. It is a process that let randomness to be in an actual order.

Voice User Interface Poster Design
Voice User Interface Poster Design

The musical score represents the sound that human understand. In order to translate to machines, I make the music notes into binary numbers, 0 and 1, which is the language machines understand.

Poster Design Sketches


Concept Poster Design: Wireframe

A wireframe is a two dimensional illustration of a page's interface that specifically focuses on space allocation and prioritization of content, functionalities available, and intended behaviors.

Wireframe Poster Design
Wireframe Donuts Poster Design

The texts on the donut is the actual receipt of making a donut.

Commercial Graphic Designs 

Graphic design for the first Community (Elderly) Painting and Calligraphy Competition of Beilin District.

Graphic Design for the First Community Painting and Calligraphy Competition of Beilin District
Chickaron Daily Color Marketing
Chickaron Chrismas Event

Graphic designs for the Chickaron marketing events.


City of Experience: Food and Immigration in Toronto

Torontos Cuisine Timeline

Dear Data

My Dear Data: Moving Since I was Born
My Dear Data: Getting on Plane
My Dear Data: My Devices
My Dear Data: My Most Played Songs
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