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Camp Engine

Website Design/Branding

UI&UX Design; Visual Design; Marketing; Branding




A client from outdoor sports and clothing industry plans to start a new company in Toronto. They aim to create outdoor activity plans, manufacture their gear and clothing, and promote the concept of Urban Outdoor as a lifestyle. Their goal is to help people find peace in nature and the meaning of life. This project is helping them with branding, marketing, and website design.


Using Adobe XD to design the UI/UX of the brand's website which comply with the brand. 

UX&UI Mockups

Design Process


Start-up company aiming to the market which lack of accessible and authentic outdoor activities and experiences in urban areas.


An "urban-outdoor" brand and website that offers outdoor activity plans, gear, and clothing, as well as tips and resources for those new to outdoor activities. Through targeted campaigns on social media, the brand highlights the benefits of engaging in outdoor activities and connects with individuals who share its values.


Precedent Studies & Competitor Analysis

Competitor: BikeHike
Competitor: Airbnb/Experience
Competitor SWOT
Competitors Brand Colours


Moodboard: Campfire
Moodboard: Adventure Assistant
Moodboard: Colour Pattern



Brand Name

Generating ideas for the brand name. Ideas are from concept keywords "adventure tour", wrote as many as possible from that and finally came up with the brand name "CampEngine".

Naming Ideation

Logo Design

Early hand-sketches based on the concept "adventure tour" and brand name "CampEngine". Creating vector versions of selected ones in Adobe Illustrator and then make a decision. 

Camp Engine LOGO Sketches
Camp Engine LOGO Ideation
Camp Engine LOGO with Light Background
Camp Engine LOGO with Dark Background


Creating social media homepage and posts for the brand marketing.

Instagram Marketing
Instagram Homepage


• Researches and SWOT analysis on precedents and competitors helps clear the goal of the brand

• The sketches of the Web Design should've kept for future improvement and redesign. 

• Although the brand keeps the colour palettes, there should be a formally organized design guideline document, which helps creating future assets and improves efficiency while designing. 

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