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Immersive Stereo

Product Design/UX/UI



Art Direction / Product Design / Visual Design / 3D Visualization


Music alter feelings, and itself is already able to provide immersive experiences. This individual project provides enhanced immersive atmosphere that combines music and visual experience in order to help users get in touch with the emotions.


Limited access to immersive music experiences. Traditional music listening experiences may lack the visual components necessary to fully engage with the emotions conveyed by the music.


By providing an enhanced immersive atmosphere that combines music and visual experiences, the project can provide a more complete emotional experience for users.


Precedent Studies

Precedent: Boosted Board



Ideation Jam

Ideation Jam
Precedent: Project Hazel
Precedent: Interactive Cloud



Journey Map

Journey Map


Moodboard: Tone
Moodboard: Textures
Moodboard: UI
Moodboard: Tech

Visualizing sound can enhance the immersive experience, as demonstrated by the interesting visualizations in TouchDesigner that inspired me to explore further.

Sound Visualization: 莫欺少年穷

莫欺少年穷 by 久连真人

Sound Visualization: I Remember You Like the Best Song
Sound Visualization: The Four Seasons - Winter

The Four Seasons: Winter by Antonio Vivaldi

I Remember You Like the Best Song by Anenon

Sound Visualization: 金木犀の夜

金木犀の夜 by きのこ帝国

Music visualizations created with TouchDesigners

Sound, an essential but invisible element, can change how humans experience and interact with the world. Providing access to sound for those with hearing difficulties is significant.

De Usuahia a la Quiaca by Gustavo Santaolalla


Sketching the functionalities and answering how to reach the expectation technically.  

3D Visualization

This was my first time trying Blender, and didn't understand 3D basics. But during the hours of exploring, I truly fell in love with the power of 3D software. 

3D Renders

After months of self-learning based on YouTube tutorials and Blender documentation, from 3D fundamentals to topology, procedural modeling, geometry nodes, physical based material, lighting, animation, and even math; these two renders were done in 10 minutes today.


Mobile Application

Some of the product's functions will be achieved on an application. Using After Effects to prototype the UI/UX of the App.


To ensure the product is headed in the right direction, it's important to design and collect a survey at the beginning of the process. While 3D renders can effectively showcase final work, it's crucial to follow standard working pipelines. People love immersing themselves in music's emotional atmosphere, and this is why they purchase speakers; thus, creating an immersive experience with my concept is essential. Finally, the prototype benefits significantly from a well-designed lighting and stereo sound system.

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